Shire Ortho Chatham Mattress from £139

Firmer support could be just what the chiropractor ordered. Four out of five people suffer from back pain at some point in their lives and while an unsupportive bed can be the cause, a good bed can help with the cure. We use high tensile springs in our orthopaedic mattresses to give firm support and hold your spine in correct alignment, which helps prevent the build up of tension and pressure. Being supported in the correct way helps protect you from the pain associated with poor sleeping posture and promotes a healthy back. By preventing stiffness, muscular aches and back pain, our mattresses promise a restful night’s sleep, helping you recover from the day and wake rejuvenated in the morning.

Spring System

High quality 12.5 gauge spring unit / 6 gauge rod edge wire frame

Fabric Damask

Finish Macromatic quilted panel

Fillings Orthopaedic fillings

Depth 10"





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