Shire Beds Eco Deep 1000 Pocket Anti Bug Mattress £229

Ecoshield is the result of a genuine desire to combine science and nature in the fight against insects. The active ingredient of Ecoshield treatment is 100% natural and based on the oil of the Eucalyptus Citriodora tree. Completely harmless to humans, its renowned for its insect repellent qualities. All fibre and textile materials treated by Ecoshiled are wash-resistant, thanks to microcapsule technology. This technology permits the active ingredient to be released gradually over time, since the capsules only break open when using the mattress.

Mattress Specifications

1000 Pocket Spring Unit
Dual Sided
Anti Bug System
4 Handles
2 Vents
Fillings: Cashmere, Silk, Horsehair, Mohair, Woll Polyester
Firmness Rating 3


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