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Slumber Sleep Extreme 50 Memory Foam Roll from £269

From: £289.00


The Memory Foam is manufactured to the highest of standards using only the most premium of foams. Its high quality structure gives extra support for the neck and back and a combination of 2 inches of memory foam and 6 inches of reflex foam offers real durability and comfort. The mattress is finished in a soft removable quilted cover which is washable and therefore extends the life of your mattress.

o Back & Neck Pain Correct spinal alignment has many benefits.
o Pelvic & Hip Pain Reduces the risk of swollen hip joints or aching pelvic areas by contouring to

the body’s shape.
o Arthritis Less stress on joints can reduce pressure and help ease arthritic pain.
o Circulatory Problems The weight of the body is absorbed by the Memory Foam allowing the

blood to circulate efficiently throughout the body preventing bed sores, swollen calves and feet.
o Allergies Our Memory Foam is dust-mite resistant and anti-microbial, ideal for asthma sufferers. o Anti-dust mite and hypo-allergenic.
o No turning required!
o Suitable for all types of base.
o Firmness: Medium.
o Mattress Thickness (approximate): 8 inches (including 50mm Memory Foam and 150mm Reflex 

o Warranty: Provided with a 5-year manufacturer’s guarantee. o Manufactured in the UK.


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