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SleepSoul Heaven Mattress £199

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The SleepSoul Heaven mattress puts comfort first. Indulge in multiple layers of plush foam for a deep, restful sleep.

The Heaven mattress includes 1000 individual edge-to-edge pocket springs to support your body in any position. So whether youre a toss-and-turner, a duvet hogger or a belly flopper, youre guaranteed a comfortable night€™s sleep with SleepSoul.

The 2cm layer of coolgel allows your body to sink deep into the mattress. It moulds to your sleeping position, helping relieve pressure off your muscles and joints, and even spreads your weight evenly to prevent you from rolling around.

The Heaven mattress is vacuum sealed and packed into a box for freshness and convenience. All you need to do is take it out the box and remove the inner plastic wrap. Like magic, your new mattress will start to take shape. In 2 hours, it will be good; in 24 hours, it will be great.

All our pocket-sprung hybrid mattresses come with a 10-year warranty as standard. Enjoy 10 years of comfort with your Heaven mattress.


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