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Shire Crown 15 Memory Foam Mattress from £189

From: £189.00

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Lie down and feel technology at work. To make a memory shire mattress, we top either pocket or open springs with a layer of memory foam.

Developed by NASA, memory foam is more dense than normal foam, and far more clever. It reacts to temperature, softening as it warms. So, when you lie on it, it responds to your body heat and moulds to your curves. That means pressure points, like hips and shoulders, are minimised, your spine is held in perfect alignment, whatever position you sleep in, and you’re in for an incredibly comfortable night’s sleep on a bed that seems individually tailor-made for you.

You shouldn’t even be disturbed by your partner moving in their sleep. The manufacturers of memory foam liken it to sleeping on clouds. We get a lot of those in Yorkshire; maybe it’s time you had more in your shire too.


Firmness: Medium Firm

Depth: 10″


Spring System

13.5 spring unit / 6 gauge rod edge wire frame


Quality damask

cool plus lid


  • Quilted panel in stretch knit cool plus fabric


  • 15mm V60 memory foam
  • layers of supportive fillings


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