Myer Adams Highlander Plus Ortho Mattress £119

The Highlander Plus mattress combines a traditional open coil spring system with an innovative reflex foam layer for a sleeping surface that prioritises your comfort and support. Reflex foam is a high-density foam that is a very flexible and regains its original shape very quickly. It will slightly adapt to your body shape but will bounce back against your body at the same time to provide good spinal alignment.
The Highlander Plus mattress is known for its stable support and comfort for those who are looking for a relaxing sleep. Finished with a beautiful stretch fabric, hand tufted for extra strength and durability, with a new stylish 3D airflow border.


• 12.5g open coil spring unit
• 20mm Reflex foam layer
• Hand tufted
• Breathable 3D border
• Easy care, no turn mattress





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