Latex Shire 2000 3ft Single Pocket Sprung Mattress


Who’d have thought that the sap from a tree could result in such a seriously comfortable mattress? People often think of latex as a manmade product, but it’s 100% courtesy of mother nature. Latex is harvested from rubber trees and then processed to create a super springy and comfy foam; the denser the foam, the comfier it is. Better still, latex is hypoallergenic, anti-microbial and virtually dust mite resistant. Pretty good, and we haven’t even mentioned its breathability yet. All these inherent features make for a healthy and sound night’s sleep from which allergy sufferers in particular will benefit. Latex moulds to your body, distributing weight evenly and eliminating painful pressure points, and we’ve teamed a latex layer with either 1000 or 2000 pockets springs to maximise your comfort. We’ve also made sure this top end range doesn’t come with a top end price, which is even more of a comfort.

Spring system:

2000 count quality pocket spring unit
Natural latex / generous layers of supportive fillings
High quality, extra soft Belgian damask
Hand tufted
No-turn mattress / air vents / flag-stitched handles /

Available Options: